About the Client

Prime-Ordial Ltd is poised to aid corporations – small, medium and large – maximize their potential and achieve more from already existing investments. Their holistic thinking consistently focuses on mutual value addition for all Four (4) of the most critical constituents of business – Customers, Employees, Shareholders and Regulators.

It draws on Management Science: Data Reporting and Analytics, Business Reengineering, Innovation, and Programme and Project Management, to deliver customized, efficient, low risk and game-changing solutions for clients.

Project Overview

Prime-ordial website was dated and did not have the proper mobile capabilities. As a growth oriented company, the need for a higher quality online presence was necessary for success.

We work systematically to integrate corporate responsibility in our core business and make the our expertise available benefit of the societies where we operate the system. A most successful website the obviously needs great design to be one of the top 10 IT companies in India, but the web design.

Our Solution

Our main goal in the website redesign was to give Prime-ordial an updated, user friendly website while showcasing their custom moving systems. This was necessary to achieve the objective of global expansion.

Our secondary goal was to drive more leads from the website. The old website lacked some of the content it needed to explain the product lines in a clear way, which led to low conversion rates. Driving more leads and maintaining a strong user experience was key in the redesign. This meant identifying keywords that their ideal customer might be searching for, incorporating them in the new copy of the website, and creating clear call-to-actions throughout the website design was critical to improve lead generation.